• Cooperative Ownership Platform for Real Assets 

    Swarm Light Paper

  • Crypto Tokens Backed By Real Assets

    Swarm Fund is creating a unique market infrastructure model that enables you to invest crypto assets into real assets, and deploy traditional capital into real markets in a new way. With Swarm’s infrastructure investors can create and operate asset-backed tokens and participate in composite of wealth creation.

    Swarm is The Bridge

    Swarm Fund connects the crypto market to real assets and old world finance.

  • $100B to $1 Trillion

    Swarm Introduces Real Assets into Crypto Markets

    Exponential Market Growth

    Our Value Proposition

    Crypto markets have hit $100B on the underlying potential of the platform technology. But what will bring these markets to over $1 trillion is the introduction of real assets and partners from the existing financial industry. Swarm has both the partners and team to deliver on this $1 trillion potential.

  • How It Works

    Swarm Platform Workflow



    Purchasing Swarm Tokens gives you membership in the Swarm Network



    Swarm members govern and fund asset-backed, expert run, real world projects


    Choose Projects

    Projects become tradable asset-backed tokens on the Swarm Utility Network


    Create Value

    Projects represent real assets and create new value for members

  • Basic Structure Of Swarm

    A Logical View of The Swarm Platform

  • When the Swarm platform makes money, so do you

    Our core mission is to democratize finance. This means allowing all people the share of the best deals and opportunities, not only the already rich. All our partner funds pay a usage fee for the platform which the community can decide how to distribute .

  • Swarm is Better

    Swarm goes beyond the typical ICO models

  • We Share The Pie

    1/3 - You

    1/3 - Past Contributors

    1/3 - Swarm Team

    Swarm Token Distribution

    We Share The Pie

    Swarm has been a community from the very beginning, with a $1 million token sale that set in motion a whole new legal and governmental framework. Today those past contributors are joined by a new team that have pledged to take this from $1 million to $1 trillion worth of value. Every area of contribution is awarded equally.


    The Swarm Platform incentivizes early adopters. Get in early!